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Nuova Cliternia is a district of Campomarino, from which it is far just 7 km and it is situated 83 meters above sea level. The district has 450 inhabitants, but, together with other nearby districts of Madonna Grande, Ramitelli, La Torre, Zezza, the number of inhabitants rises to 1200. Nuova Cliternia lies exactly between the Biferno River and Fortore River and also near the Saccione Torrent.

Its territorial extension is the most important feature of Nuova Cliternia, which has undergone, over the centuries, considerable mutations still visible. Nuova Cliternia sees its birth, although many historians tend to link it to the revival of Vecchia Cliternia. The settlement was formed in the XX century, 1928-29, next the construction of houses erected by Fascist regime. Later, it developed without any urbanistic-architectural regulation, especially along the pre-existing communication ways.

Nuova Cliternia is the material evidence of a political and religious mediation process between the national and local identity, in fact it is a true monument to rural. Located on a stretch of the ancient Tratturo L’Aquila-Foggia and near the Sanctuary of Madonna Grande, it is the unique village of fascist foundation actually made in Molise and for centuries it is the site of numerous pilgrimages coming from neighboring areas.

There is a curiosity about the railway station: on the Bologna-Lecce railway line, about 450 km from Bologna Centrale, there is the station of Nuova Cliternia. Now it is abandoned and it is possible to be reached from Campomarino Lido. However, it is still visible the historical inscription of Nuova Cliternia printed on the building of the old station.


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