Termoli is the biggest municipality on Molise coast. Situated on a promontory, its ancient fishing village is like imprinted on a beautiful postcard.

About the origins of Termoli, there are no consistent testimonies in historical documents, archaeological finds and oral tradition. It is thought that the first to settle on the place were Frentani, people that lived on Adriatic coast at the time of Roman Empire.

Today, it is a pleasure to walk along the streets of the old village. The walks through the narrow streets and along the ledge overlooking the port, the rich fishing fleet and the fish market that is animate on the evenings of Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week highlight that the fishing here is a great resource. In addition, the town has a typical center and a very fascinating walkway ant it is worth getting there during the evening, when the main street is full of people and atmosphere is relaxed, typical of seaside towns.

From the seafront, on mornings cleaned by Mistral wind, it is possible to see Maiella and Gran Sasso Mountains.


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