Campomarino is a beautiful and quiet seaside town with a wide and long beach until the border to Puglia Region, where there is still a wonderful example of Mediterranean scrub. An enchanting landscape can be admired from the terrace near the ancient village and the church of Santa Maria a mare that, until few decades ago, was populated by people of Albanian origin, very good farmers. Interesting archeological finds demonstrate its origins that go far back in time.

Located near the town, Campomarino Lido is now a favorite place for summer seaside tourism. With its tourist port and its beaches surrounded by pine forests that reach to the mouth of Biferno River, Campomarino is a beautiful tourist destination.

Today, Campomarino is the town of wine, par excellence that for wine lovers allows to visit the wine cellars of individual and associate producers who are responsible for having promoted, more than elsewhere, the image of quality concerning the autochthonous vine variety “Tintilia”.


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