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In Nuova Cliternia there is the Sanctuary of the Great Madonna, a pilgrimage destination especially during the patron feast on August 15th.

Near the sanctuary there is the Chapel of the Great Madonna (also called Country Chapel) where, according to the legend, the original painting of the Most Holy Mother, venerated by Marian pilgrims, was found. The country chapel lies few meters away from the Adriatic National Route n. 16, the longest road in Italy, taken by the worshippers of Padre Pio going to San Giovanni Rotondo, far less than 100 km from Nuova Cliternia.

The Sanctuary of the Great Madonna has been for centuries a destination of many pilgrimages from the surrounding areas. The Great Madonna is the most venerated by the Albanian people of Molise and attracts many worshippers for the traditional pilgrimages by feet to the sanctuary. The pilgrimage, propitiatory for rain and fertility in the fields, occurred on the last Sunday of April. In the afternoon the procession went back to the village celebrated by bells and firecrackers. Once people went to the sanctuary using carts donated by the richmen of the village. Later, the pilgrimage became usual during March, May and August, especially by young people who organized open-air breakfasts near the sanctuary.

The feast occurs on August 15th near Nuova Cliternia where, during the Assumption Feast, many worshippers go to the Sanctuary of the Madonna Grande. A destination of pilgrimages lost in the centuries but repeated every year in the night between August 14th and 15th, even by the surrounding villages. After the mess and procession, in the evening there is usually a concert of a famous band.


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