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Meridian Tower is a coastal tower located in Via Rio Vivo, about 250 m. from the sea. The building is so named because in the past it was considered the crossing point between the 42nd parallel North and the 15th East Meridian, but after more accurate studies, now the crossing point falls in Rio Vivo seafront, and it is signaled by Monument Il Sogno (the dream). Currently, the tower is in abandoned and disused state, trapped between the palaces and a private staircase.

Meridian Tower is different from the other towers of the coast cause this circular and non-square structure. In the past, it was used as a sighting tower: its position dominated the entire plain of the area until Biferno River in order to have the control over the southern part of Termoli. As the other towers in the area, it was built to prevent Saracen attacks in Molise, as well as in other Adriatic regions. The story of the city of Termoli, in fact, is full of episodes linked to sea invasions, in particular by Piyale Pascià, Ottoman admiral and commander of the fleet of Sultan Solimano the Magnificent.

Currently, the tower is in a state of abandon and, trapped among buildings, it is completely subtracted from the view of visitors.


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