Monument “Il Sogno” (The Dream)

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The Monument “Il Sogno” (The Dream) was built in 2013, on the south seafront of Rio Vivo beach, in Termoli, it the exact point where the 42nd parallel and the 15th meridian meet. The monument is 7 meters high and 4 meters wide, with a thickness of 40 centimeters and with some lights on the top of the structure. It was donated to the city by Association of Geometers and Italian Topograferss, in agreement with the class organs.

The 42nd parallel north and the 15th meridian east, or central meridian that determines the time zone of Central Europe, cross in Termoli. The meridian is called Termoli-Etna and this makes Termoli an Italian Greenwich. The meeting point between the two imaginary lines is exactly in Rio Vivo beach or more precisely in Marina di San Pietro, near the position where, until recently year, was located a disused trabucco, the Trabucco of Bricche. According to more dated calculations, the intersection point was in correspondence with an old semi-destroyed tower that is always on the street to Rio Vivo, Meridiana Tower.

The name of the monument was chosen to make tangible the intangible lines, the lines related to the dreams of the entire population.

The Monument “Il Sogno” (The Dream) wants to emphasize that the meridian is a cultural value to be valued, a symbol that has as its main aim the preservation of the memory to be handed down to future generations.


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