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After years of research and verification, it was verified that Campomarino had active, in 1945, five flight fields, of which the largest was called Campo Biferno. Molise coast was considered strategic to attack Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece. Therefore, in the south of Termoli, near the Biferno River, in Campomarino Lido, an airport was built in a large flat countryside area.

The airport was built by US Army engineers on the occasion of Italian occupation during the Second World War and precisely in the early 1944s as part of Foggia Airport Complex. The airport control track, called Biferno, was built on a metal grid plan placed parallel to the coastline. The passage of Allied Air Force to Campomarino was important and incisive. Several companies took off in the area to liberate Europe from Nazism: the Royal Air Force, the Desert Air Force, the Balkan Air Force and the 15A Air Force. This was the land of Commonwealth pilots who were able to support the allied in Italy and to free the Balkans from Hitler’s war machine. For the first time since the armistice of ‘September 8th, 1943, from Biferno Airport, the Italian Air Force flew with the Allied. Other aviation fields, in addition to Campo Biferno, were Madna and Ramitelli. Two aviation fields that have made the military and social history of the United States. Madna generated 15 axis of war, while Ramitelli was the only flying field in the world where the first black aviation pilots were operating. Men who were fighting two wars: one against Hitler and the other against the racial prejudice of American society of those years.

Campo Biferno, now the Aviator’s seafront was operational in the early 1944s. The war ended on May 8th 1945, and Campomarino’s flying fields, located near the coast, remained operational until the end of the conflict. Today, of a page of important history of the 900 that was able to give back to Europe its freedom and 64 years of peace, remains the memory of pilots and planes.

Grandparents of Campomarino still remember the airport and its soldiers. They remember all the guys who have hosted in their homes – Italians, British, Americans, South Africans, Greeks – to give them hospitality and food. Despite the poverty, Campomarino inhabitants’ shared all with those who came to free them from fascism.


Campomarino - Lungomare degli Aviatori, Campomarino Lido

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