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Belvedere Tower is one of the eight sightseeing towers on the coast. Currently, there is an information office, Infopoint, dedicated to tourist hospitality.

Belvedere Tower is situated near the entrance to the old village. What makes the tower interesting, as well as its history, is the splendid and evocative view of the sea. Municipality of Termoli, with a memorial plaque, has dedicated the tower to Carlo Cappella: painter, poet and historian of Termoli. He managed also Historical Archive, which was right in this Norman tower. The tower is of municipal property, but all the material that was present inside was of Carlo Cappella property. The documentation relating to the years 1687-1939 was, however, reorganized and invented in the 1980s by Cooperative S.Co.R.A. (Cooperative Society for Reorganization of Archives of Molise) on a project of Archivist Superintendence for Abruzzo and Molise in collaboration with State Archive of Campobasso. During recent work, it was found, in the bottom of Belvedere Tower, a gunboat probably to secure the western wall covering. When Svevo Castle lost its defensive function, the embrasures became windows.

The old village has two entrances: one on north side, to the foot of Svevo Castle, and other one on side of port, near an arc door and Belvedere Tower, from which it is possible to admire the view of Port and South Beach of Termoli.


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