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Svevo Castle is located on the entrance to the old village of Termoli and it is the most representative defensive building of entire Molise coast. It was built around the 13th century, entirely in limestone and sandstone, to secure a defense both from the sea and from the mainland.

The castle was defended by a sturdy wall in which were inserted the cylindrical towers and perfectly preserved is the one that anticipates the entrance arch of the old town. During Longobard domination, the inhabitants of the small feudals existing in the territory, given the increasing number of sea-related aggressions, they took refuge on the small promontory and built a fortified enclosure. The definition of Svevo seems to have been attributed afterwards the renovation and fortification required by Federico II of Svevia, who, cultivating the dream to reunite Germany and Italy under the same domain, designed a military program that transformed Norman fortifications in sight and signal towers. Termoli participated in this phase of military reorganization, because it already had an ancient Castrum mentioned in 1239 in a letter from Federico II, in which he allowed to the inhabitants of Termoli to have a weekly market. Subsequent, the earthquake of 1456 caused considerable damage to Svevo Castle, such that Ferdinand I of Aragon had to anticipate reconstruction. The anecdote of A mazz du ‘Castill is very used by the inhabitants of Termoli to indicate the castle as a point of meeting see us under mazz du ‘Castill. In 1909 a little tower was built to the top of the castle to accommodate the traffic light station of Regia Marina, inherited in the post-war period by Arma Azzurra.

Montecastello is a large terrace on the heart of the city. Can be reached from the entrance of the Old Town near the Castle or along an alley near Belvedere Tower, the second entrance. Montecastello is the highest part of the Old Town to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view.
Svevo Castle today hosts exhibitions and cultural events and it is also a location to the celebration of civil marriages.


Termoli - Via Montecastello - Borgo Vecchio

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During the celebration of civil rites and during summer events and exhibitions.

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