Montebello’s Tower or Vialante’s Tower

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The Vialante Tower, better known as Montebello Tower, is located in the homonymous district, about 12 km far from Montenero di Bisaccia. Due to its location, not far from the sea and to the right of Trigno River, the tower had a function of defending and controlling the coast of Molise. In fact, it was in connection with the coastal towers of Termoli and Petacciato and together they monitored the coast from the Turks attacks.

The Montebello Tower was built over the ruins of the old castle of Montenero, with the purpose of defense during the long period of Saracen raids. It is supposed that it was built by Normans, restored by Frederick II and completely reconstructed in the 16th century under the supremacy of Charles V. The tower has a square plan with access staircase and battlements. Its architectural form is found in numerous Apulian towers. It is articulated on three levels: the first two covered by barrel vaults and internally connected by a sandstone staircase, the other is a terrace. In order to access to the tower there is a ramp staircase that leads to the entrance door, above which there was the Battiloro family’s coat of arms. On the main wall there are obvious traces of a drawbridge, probably in place of the current external staircase. The wall surfaces are almost completely compact: they have four rectangular windows with half-arches, outlined by brick and distributed at different height level.

In 1993, according to the law of June 1st, 1939 – n. 1089 on the protection of things of historical and artistic interest, the Torre di Montebello property was subject to all the provisions of the protection contained in that law. Currently, the tower is owned by the Municipality of Montenero di Bisaccia and in 2013, following the restoration work, it was completely recovered. An agritourism has been opened next to the tower.


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