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New door, originally called Porta del Fosso, is located near the Chapel of our Lady of Mount Carmel. Together with Left door and Portella (no longer existing), they were the three access ways to the Castle.

Porta Nuova, given its size, was the main door to the ancient village of Montenero di Bisaccia. In stonework, it is hardly inserted in an architectural style. Even today, there are visible the jambs and the flute along which the iron gate was used to close or open the door. Nearby, there is a circular defense and sighting tower.

In fact, New door, with Left door and Portella, was part of the defensive wall that encircled the ancient village of Montenero di Bisaccia, in which there was the Castle. Determinant transformations over the years have completely altered the architectural aspect of the Castle, transforming it into private home.


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