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The municipal park, or Girolamo La Penna Public Park, is the largest green area in Termoli center. The birth of the municipal park dates back in Autumn 1962. Termoli that had no more than eleven thousand inhabitants, at that time it had a unique public garden, People’s park, in the current St. Antony Square. For this reason, City Council decided to enrich the city with a large area for public gardens and sports facilities. The chosen area is that of the valley of Molinello street: 13 hectares sold in a good price to Municipality by a private citizen.

So, the project delegated to Architect De Felice begins. An open and an accessible area for the entire population. Playground and relax area, sports facilities (tennis, basketball, volleyball, mini golf, two swimming pools), Green Theatre (an open-air amphitheater with 2,200 seats) and a central little artificial lake. To realize the project, economical resources were not enough, so there was the help of local production forces. Collaboration was a success: an unprecedented mobilization, which took place for a period of twenty years. The park was further enriched with sculptures by valued artists such as Rita Racchi (the swimmer), Riccardo Meli, Marcolino Gandini (wood totem), Enrico Sirello (rotating matrix), Antonio De Felice (the bird, artistic quests).

Today the park maintenance is not always constant and there are some abandonment situations. This is, in fact, the state of public pools, now closed and in disuse for some time. New renovations have recently been approved: replacement of all fencing, sporting facilities, retraining of the whole area of the skating rink, creation of footing and mountain biking paths, restoration of children’s playgrounds and health routes, realization of a dog park.
Three new entrances with green staircases and paths are planned: two in Molinello street and the third near Rio Vivo beach to connect the sea area to the park with a cycle track that will travel like a ring all over the park.


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