St. Antony Square and the Fountain

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St. Antony Square is the panoramic viewpoint of Termoli center. Situated at the end of National Course (principal street), thanks to its particular position, it offers to citizens and tourists a breathtaking view on Old Village, North Coast, as well as Gulf of Vasto, the lighthouse of Punta Penna and Maiella mountain.

St. Antony Square, before the 1950s, was the Municipal park of Termoli. At the time, it was called People’s park and it was on a mezzanine floor, it was large, spacious, with oleanders and flowerbeds. It was not easy to access, especially on the part of Sannitica street. It was possible to enter through the stairs and it was fenced by iron fence, then disassembled in 1935 for war needs. At the beginning of the 1950s, there was a radical change in order to build the new City Hall. In this line, Municipal park was dismantled and transformed into what is now, a large panoramic parking.

Today, the square hosts: Civic Gallery on one side, behind Town Hall Palace and in the center a beautiful Fountain, built in 1949 by the sculptor Renato Beretta, teacher of Ornato at Carrara Academy of Fine Arts. The statue consists of two groups. On the base there are bas-reliefs representing four fishes, one frog, one octopus and one mollusk. In the second block there is the imposing figure of a young man who seems to restrain four big-headed fish. The young man is seated on two of the four fish, the third is fixed by his left foot and the fourth, fully visible, is fixed with his right arm. Out of the mouth of the frog, octopus and fish, twelve buckets of water come out, the largest, directed upward, comes out of the mouth of the fish held by the young man. The fountain has a large marble basin dedicated to St. Antony. It is also located at the point of the square where there was a large stone sphere, about two meters in diameter. Finally, it was restored in May 2001.

As a local curiosity it is said that the commissioner Nereo Sciarretta, in charge of the acquire, to save, chose this fountain that had been presented as imperfect, cause the arm of the young man who holds the big fish does not present the effort.


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