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The ex Theater and Cinema Adriatico is located at the beginning of Cristoforo Colombo seafront, not far from the old town and St. Antonio square. Although it is privately owned, it is subject to constraint by Superintendence to Architectural and Landscape Properties of Molise and it is a part of cultural heritage of Termoli, Molise and Italy.

Known as ex Theater and Cinema Adriatico, the building was born as the ancient customhouse of Termoli, later transformed into a granary before to become a theater/cinema and to be definitively closed about 30 years ago. It has been the theater for great Italian artists It is in an urban territorial context and it has a restructuration in progress.

The current renovation project expects that the building is kept equal to the original form and without the any cubic increase, intended for shops and bar as in the 1950s, when there was the historic Bellavista Bar next to cinema. The project intends to maintain the facade and the main structure intact. But inside it is possible to change the destination of use from a cinema and theater to a commercial gallery. The time for the project is not defined.


Termoli - Lungomare C. Colombo n. 2

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