Typical food and wine: ventricina, cuzztill, f’ssrat, cill, calgionetti and Tintilia

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Among the typical gastronomic products of Montenero di Bisaccia the most well known is the ventricina. Together with other typical dishes, strongly linked to the simplicity of rural tradition, this particular salami is one of the first product of Molise local gastronomic tradition. To the ventricina is also dedicated a festival that is held in summer.

The ventricina is a sausage of pork made of pieces of fatty and lean meat roughly cutted. The same ones are flavored with salt and chilli pepper, sweet or spicy, to give it its smell and color. Subsequently, pieces of meat are inserted into the bladders of the pig and tied with twine. The ventricina is then left to mature for about 100 days. One of its secrets is to use exclusively pigs reared in Molise and nourished predominantly with cereals and dried legumes. In addition to being tasted after a long aging, the ventricina is the basic ingredient to prepare a typical hand-made pasta dish: the cuzztill con la ventricina. The municipal administration, in order to valorize this and other typical and traditional products, has established the Municipal Denomination of Origin (De.C.O.), at the service of local producers. In addition to the typical salami of this area and of Trigno Valley, there are other dishes of Montenero’s gastronomy which are the direct expression of the ancient shepherd culture, one of these is the f’ssrat, made of pieces pork meat, fried in abundant oil and garlic, accompanied by dried and fried peppers. Concerning tha typical desserts there are the cill, produced with a friable mixture of boiled must, soft inside of bread and almonds, then there are the calgionetti, mainly made with a fried mixture of chickpea flour and boiled must.

Also the presence of quality wine and oil is important in a region so fortunate from the climatic and territorial point of view, and there are numerous local producers who make the products available to visitors. Important wine’s producers of Montenero di Bisaccia generate excellent quality wines, including the famous Tintilia, which is exported all over the world.


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