Typical dishes: u’bredette, sécce e ‘pisille, ‘u scescill

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The typical dishes of Termoli have, as main elements, the fresh fish, basil, celery, local olive oil, onion and garlic. The real inhabitant of Termoli identifies the boat’s fish, a small boat that comes out early in the morning and comes back in the early afternoon, from the fishing boat, which remains in the sea more days.

Among the many typical dishes of Termoli there are:

‘U bredette: the fish soup is the typical dish loved by inhabitants and who lives the sea during the year. It is composed by mixed fish cooked with ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers, parsley, garlic and chili pepper. It smells of fresh fish, it has the color of a red broth and, for sailors, it is the central dish of the day at work on board fishing boat. It nourishes in a substantial way and the fish is reused, in addition, although it is tasty and rich in nutrition, has less commercial value.

– Sécce e ‘pisille: they are delicious cuttlefishes that are cooked with extra virgin olive oil, onion and peas. A simple and tasty dish, prepared on any occasion.

– ‘Scescille: they are balls made with eggs, grated cheese and stale bread. The dish, once served as an accompaniment to traditional fish soups, is characterized by the oval form of meatballs, which are cooked directly in tomato and onion sauce.

In addition to a delicious culinary tradition, Termoli also has a beautiful folklore tradition linked to the stories of seafaring people.

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Traditional dishes could be tasted in local restaurants: Da Nicolino, Zi Bass, Osteria dentro le mura, Ristorante Svevia.

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