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The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bisaccia is about 1 km away from the centre of Montenero di Bisaccia, located on a hillside and close to the Tratturo Centurelle – Montesecco, derivation of the Royal Tratturo L’Aquila – Foggia. It dates back to 1200, and in addition to being a place of worship to which Montenero inhabitants’ are more related, it is also the destination of many pilgrimages coming not only from Molise but also from Abruzzo and Puglia.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bisaccia was built on the ruins of a previous Chapel ridden on the ground by various earthquakes. Originally, the central plant dates back to 1811, while the lateral aisles were added in 1840. The main façade reflects the interior division into three naves. Both the main portal and the two sides are dominated by a glazed lunette. The largest portal is surmounted by a portico with simple rectangular pillars, while in the second register there is a niche containing the statue of Our Lady with the Child. The facade culminates with a large rose window. The side facades are both decorated by four glazed lunettes that illuminate the side aisles. Inside, the three naves are divided by four round arches, which stand on decorated pilasters. The second register of the central nave is divided into four lunettes with rectangular windows. The side aisles, with a single register, house niches with statues and lights, and end with small marble altars. The presbytery holds a small modern marble altar, behind which there is the ancient altar with canopy containing the Picture of the Madonna do Bisaccia, separated from the area reserved for the faithful by an arch on which run the words Ave Maria Gratia Plena. The coverage of the sanctuary is characterized by vaulted vaults and central dome.

According to a popular legend, the painting of Madonna di Bisaccia, painted by a pastor, was found among the ruins of the rural Chapel of Bisaccia. That is why the faithful required the sanctuary in that place, in honor of their protector. Today, the access is provided through monumental road and stairway.


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