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The Church of Holy Spirit lies near the Town Hall of Campomarino and was built quite recently, in 1999.

The cornerstone of the church was set during Palm Sunday in March 1995. It is not a casuality that the construction started exactly in this period, as the people of Campomarino has been tied to the Palm Sunday ever since. In the past, on Saturday before this recurrence there was the tradition of planting olive trees. Moreover, during the Palm Sunday there was a reconciliation between relatives, cronies and friends (spontaneously or thanks to other people), following costant rituals disappeared today. This was the formula to say: Here is the palm if you want to make peace/ It’s no more time to make war/ Even Turks make peace/ Here is the palm and give me a kiss. The Palm Sunday meant, beyond the reconciliation between quarreling people, a fortification of friendship and love, consolidated by the exchange of gifts. Setting the cornerstone of the Church of Holy Spirit during this recurrence was a sign of good luck and peace.

The Church of Holy Spirit covers an area of 610 mq and its construction followed new liturgical rules, to allow a better involvement of the worshippers. The building does not show any particular feature and follows a modern architecture. Something worth to remember happened in 1999, when the seven bells of Jubilee were blessed exactly in this newly-built church.

Near the Church of Holy Spirit there are the oratory, the youth center and large parish rooms for education camps for boys. Furthermore, trips around Molise and the bordering regions are organized.


Campomarino - Via Generale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

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