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The War Memorial Monument is located in Vittorio Veneto square and it is in memory of soldiers died during the two world wars. Inaugurated in August 1926, it is located in the center of the square and in front of the entrance of the school plexus Principe di Piemonte, a classic example of Fascist architecture that still retains, on the main facade, the incision Year X E. F. (10th year of Fascist Epoch, ie 1932) and the fascist symbols like the fasces and the eagles.

The War Memorial Monument is the work of the regional artist Enzo Buchetti. The monument reveals not only the states of mind of the author, but also its technique and style. The monument consists of a white stone pedestal that supports a complex of bronze statue, representing a Roman soldier, who shows proudly his chest, in the act of defending with a dagger a matron (personification of Termoli). The matron puts his hand on the head of the legionary as a sign of protection. Both figures crush a sea monster, the hated enemy. The epigraph, romanically simple, was dictated by illustrious professor Gennaro Perrotta, philosopher and essayist, and says: Incictis victores victuri. To his heroes of land and sea who, in the great war of the nations, died for Italy, teaching to citizens that defend the homeland is a duty, die for it means eternal life, Termoli is grateful. The Monument commemorates the fallen army soldiers during First World War 1915-1918, the falls of Navy during 1936-1939, the fallen war in Second World War 1939-1945. The monument is located in the center of Vittorio Veneto square, for this reason the square is also called Piazza Monumento. The square and the monument are considered the meeting point for citizens and tourists. In 2015, together with Corso Nazionale (principal street), Piazza Monumento has undergone a radical restyling with a much more modern style.

Every year, on 4th November, National Unity Day and Armed Forces, there is a solemn Ceremony to commemorate the soldiers died.


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