Tratturo from L’Aquila to Foggia, stretch of Petacciato

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Tratturo (track used by shepherds during transhumance) from L’Aquila to Foggia, in the stretch of Petacciato, runs along SS16 and enters in Molise from Abruzzo. With its 244 km, it is the longest and most important of five Tratturi Regi (Royal): for this reason, it is also called Tratturo Magno. Tratturi Regi are precious testimonies of tracks formed in Protostoric Era that, in relation on economic production and social organization based on pastoralism, have survived during the time. They represent a fragment of history preserved for more than seven centuries and, enriched with further historical layers, they are the most impressive monument to the economic and social history of Abruzzo-Molise Apennines and of Tavoliere di Puglia.

Tratturo Magno is the track of Adriatic for excellence. It conducted the enormous flocks of sheeps from Gran Sasso massif to Tavoliere di Puglia, touching on several occasions the seaboard of Adriatic Sea. This tratturo is, in fact, the only one where the sheeps and shepherds came to touch the water of sea. Its itinerary through Abruzzo and Puglia goes also in Molise along territories of Montenero di Bisaccia, Petacciato, Termoli, San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, Guglionesi, Portocannone, San Martino in Pensilis and Campomarino. It begins from L’Aquila near the Church of St. Mary of Collemaggio and, entered in Molise, the track descends towards Fortore River and reaches, then, Tavoliere di Puglia. Here terminates in territory of Foggia.

Along the track it is possible to visit numerous country churches or churches for refuge and comfort of shepherds, such as the church of St. Paolo of Peltuinum and the Church of Santa Maria dei Cintorelli, where Tratturo Centurelle-Montesecco is separated. Tratturo L’Aquila-Foggia has been studied, in the last years, by Abruzzo association Tracturo 3000. Since 1997 it is possible to travel it in 9 stages.


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