Neolithic Caves

Archeology · Montenero di Bisaccia

The Neolithic Caves are a natural complex of sandstone caves dating back to 10,000 B. C. and provide a direct testimony on what was the story of Montenero di Bisaccia. They are located on the south-east side of Montenero di Bisaccia hill and precisely in Via G. Garibaldi in Valle delle Torri.

Neolithic Caves are natural sandstone rock caves that were inhabited since the Middle Paleolithic. Indeed, although they have never been explored with scientific intent, from their conformation and from some fossil finds found – arrows, bones, and jars – it can be supposed that they have been used as human homes dating back to the Middle Paleolithic and to the Neolithic. During Christmas time, this area, for more than thirty years, becomes a beautiful and evocative representation of the Living Crib, a famous tradition known also in Italy. An event that over the years has created a strong link between territory, tradition and popular legends.

Over the years, the caves have become the destination of many visitors coming not only from Molise, but also from Italy to admire and discover the beauty of the Living Crib, reproduced in one of the oldest and most suggestive places in Montenero di Bisaccia.


Montenero di Bisaccia - Valle delle Torri – Via G. D’Annunzio

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