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A Rejecelle, so named by the inhabitants of Termoli, is the narrowest alley of Termoli. It is located in the old village and it is a surprise to find it in front, cross it and explore the secrets of the old fishing village.

In the heart of old village of Termoli, centimeter to the hand, it is possible to make a pleasant discovery. A Rejecelle is not a simple street, but the narrowest alleyway in Italy. The alley has ripped the primate, just for two centimeters, to the Ripatransone narrow alley, a way located in the province of Ascoli Piceno. The alley of Termoli, in fact, measures 34 cm in length, it is 7,88 meters long and over the centuries has undergone various transformations, but nothing has ever altered its uniqueness. The origin of its name was born in 1799. The term rue, which in French means road, was transformed by the inhabitants of Termoli into a maccheronic French Rejecelle that means narrow street. The alley is situated between the buildings and it dates back to the first urban agglomeration of the village, as evidenced by the material used for the construction of the walls of two buildings that delimit it: cobblestones, sandstone, brick and beams. The way, over the centuries, has undergone various transformations, especially in the upper part, which had to be originally covered with planks and tiles, supported by brick arches and some beams still visible. It was built to meet the residents’ needs in order to facilitate the circulation, especially in emergency situations such as wars, invasions and famines. The present flooring is formed by white stone tiles of Apricena, originally it was of pebbles and stones. The walls that delimit it are intact, apart in some parts that are filled with plaster. Due to its architectural features A Rejecelle had an inestimable historical-architectural value.

It is said that, in the past, when two gentlemen met in this alley, one in front of the other, they had to determine, given the impossibility of turning, who should proceed forward and who backward, using the good manners of the past. The less noble left the step to the higher one. If the two in question were of the same lineage, one could even get to the duel in order to determine who had the right to pass first.


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