Monument to died soldiers of all wars

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War Memorial Monument of Petacciato is a commemorative monument of died soldiers during the 1915-1918 and 1940-1945 world wars. The monument is located in Monumento ai Caduti square, near the old town of Petacciato and it consists of a bronze statue, representing a girl in white dress who, with her right hand, raises an olive branch to the sky and, with the other hand, supports a white dove.

The monument was built in 1979 and it consists of a stone base on which it is erected a stylized obelisk with dedicatory inscription and on the summit of which there is a statue with the figure of Victory. It is made of stone and bronze and it has been made with engraving technique. Under, there are the bronze slabs with all the names of soldiers died incised.

The Monument to died soldiers during all wars is located in the center of a small square and it is surrounded by trees and benches, an ideal place for a break on the open air. The panorama here is breathtaking, it is possible to admire, in addition to the cultivated countryside, the sea, from far it is possible to see also the old town of Termoli.


Petacciato - Piazza dei Caduti

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