Fish Wholesale Market

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The Fish Wholesale Market is located in the Port and since 1942 it is an important testimony of the maritime work heritage of Termoli.

Daily, the Fish Wholesale Market is the place where the fish auction takes place, a Dutch auction that is unique in South Italy. In 1994, the market was restructured and in 1997 it gained CE final recognition both for the auction hall and for the deposit. Buyers are retailers, peddlers and fish shop owners. The price of the product is fixed through an electronic auction, in the past it was screamed, in fact, it was very suggestive to hear the voices of fishermen who booked the fish box to buy. The market starts at about ten o’clock in the evening, when the fishing boats return after 24h or 48h of fishing. Once they come back, the market begins with an extraction of fishing boats to establish the order of sale of each of them. Everyone rests on the fish boxes place on a cableway that runs under the eyes of buyers organized on a sort of grandstand. Still today, someone screams to highlight the characteristics of the fish and attract buyers that, pressing a button on a remote control, book their fish box. Accessibility to the Fish Wholesale Market is regulated.

Also Termoli coast, as the rest of Italy, is subject to the fishing prohibition. Every year, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry issues a ministerial decree specifying the dates when the temporary cessation of fishing is obligatory. There may be variations from year to year, but usually the fishing prohibition follows the reproductive periods of the marine species.


Termoli - Piazza dei Pescatori – Porto di Termoli

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