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The Coastal Tower of Petacciato is situated on the SS 16, road that runs along the Adriatic Sea, on side of the coast, at same level of the road and about 7 meters over sea level. It is located at the foot of homonymous area, Marina di Petacciato. It is the last tower of defensive system against Turkish. It communicated with Tower on Trigno river in the North and with Sinarca Tower in the South.

The tower was designed by Charles V in the 16th century, it is in a privileged position, result of precise strategic choices. In fact, all towers had to be seen on all four sides and they had to be visually connected with each other and with the countries behind. Its architectural form is included into the type of towers of Spanish Viceroy period, with a quadrangular base of about 11 meters per side, pyramidal body of about 12 meters and three cadets per side. From the plant designed by Gambacorta there would be larger rooms than usual, result of the smaller thickness of walls. It is the first tower from the north to Capitanata, completely in stone. The interior had two floors covered by barrel vaults, the first was stable and the second armament. The entrance was upstream and it was reached through a staircase with a wooden walkway. Its square form allowed it to have three sides of fire and it was oriented in a way to have a side to the sea and two along the coast.

Today, the tower is divided into two sections by a landslide: one placed on the side of the road remained almost stationary, while the one opposite to it on the sea side, has undergone a lowering of approximately 2 meters and a translation towards the beach of approximately 4 meters, with a clockwise rotation.


Petacciato - Strada Statale 16, Km 535,050, Contrada Torre

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