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The Episcopal House is located in Piazza Duomo near the Cathedral, while the Bishop’s Palace is not far away, precisely in Policarpo Manes street, in the old village of the city, also known as o’paese vicchie the oldest urban agglomeration in Termoli.

The Bishop’s Palace dates back to the 16th century. It has a stone carved door at the entrance, surmounted by a bishop’s bearing that, due to the strong erosion suffered by the stone, cannot be deciphered. The palace, despite its modest proportions, still reveals within its interior a structural area and typical rooms of people with a certain economic prestige and a particular dignity. Probably, given the style of the portal, the building was the residence of Bishops before the construction of Episcopal House near the cathedral.

The Episcopal House is the present residence of Bishop, a further building located next to the cathedral. On the facade of the entrance of the house, there is the bearing of Pastor whose memory is preserved in the tradition of Molise inhabitants. In Episcopal House, precisely in the oratory, the ancient reliquary contains the relics of the skull of St. Timothy and the sacred bones of the skull of St. Basso, the protector of Termoli.

Today Bishop’s Palace and Episcopal House are closed to the public, but in case of exhibitions, events or prayer meetings organized by the diocese, it is also possible to visit the interiors. It was recently discovered in Episcopal Palace an ancient cistern, which could be a tower. It will be the access door for an underground museum that will be built in the rooms beneath the Cathedral’s sacristy to safeguard a series of artifacts preserved after fallen from the facade of the building. A not very large museum, consisting of a few rooms, where the tombs will be preserved.


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